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Hi everyone!

This site will focus on basic electronics design and manufactureing.

It is intended to be of help to novices, students, hobbiests, and small manufacturers.

Tutorials, references, links, manufacturers, supliers, components, schematics, and software will be addressed.

We may soon put a few parts, here in the future.

We anticipate putting some elementary equations and circuits and tables etc. as a quick reference source for both ourselves and others.

The site was concieved originally by Frank Davies, founder of Trillium University as a branch of learning. Currently, Tim Prellwitz and Paul Braget are also involved in this sites overview and construction, and in Trillium University projects in general. If you wish to contrubute your knowledge please contact any one of us.

Frank first dabbled in elctronics as a youngster building a crystal radio, motors, and a thermionic generator. In high school Frank studied electronics and was employed by Don Jones, Chief Engineer of KGY Radio Station in Olympia at that time. Don taught him how to make printed circuits. In college Frank studied transistor manufactureing and logic. Years later he teamed up with Paul (Nisqually Pauli) Braget and William (Mad Dog) Sweeney to manufacture circuits (ASSM Audio Simplex Systems Modules under our trade name ROBOT) which were used (mostly) in Burger King Restaurants. Frank enjoys doing all aspects of electronics work from analog and digital design, to production. He is also owner of Delphi O.E.M. Co.

Tim is currently the audio engineer for Little Rock Studios, and owner of Timilen Company specializing in electronics design and prototyping, and also offering a wide range of capabilities and services including graphics, ceramics, moldmaking, and software available for download at Starbird Sales.

Nisqually Pauli is the head computer lab technician at South Puget Sound Community College, as well as Dean of Linux at Trillium University.

Enjoy, and learn.


The staff of Learntronics

This is a screenshot of a VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) rendering of an ASSM. (This is midway through completion of the VRML file and not all components and features are shown.) Two daughter circuit boards connected to a mother board with mounting features and three connectors which were all housed in a standard size electrical box with face plate.

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