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Bowden's Hobby CircuitsOver 100 circuit diagrams, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas.

CXI CXI stands for "Circuit Exchange International". CXI contains ten categories of schematics, a unified circuit analysis, design and theory page, and also a practical electronic section.

delabs Free Electronics Circuits Archive with some Technical Documents

Discover Circuits A collection of 11,000+ electronic circuits or electronic schematics cross-referenced into 500+ categories to find quick solutions for electronic design problems.

Electronic Surveillance Free schematics for electronics surveillance and intelligence, free RTF (video/audio) wireless transmitter circuits.

Electronics and Radio Today Free information, articles, and projects for the radio and/or electronics hobbyist.

Electronics Lab Free electronics circuits with full description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles, links, downloads, electronic community.

Electronics Project Design Practical electronics project schematics, parts list, component descriptions, product testing and other references for electronics hobbyist and electronics designer.

FC's Electronic Circuits Free Circuit Archive

Homo ludens electronicus Free electronics projects including schematics.

Laurier's Handy Dandy Little Circuits Free circuits and projects complete with instructions and schematics by Laurier Gendron.

Sam Electronic Circuits Free schematics of electronic circuits for the hobbyist. The site is in Greek and English.

Techlib.com Recommended! Free electronics circuits organized by category, hobby ideas, science, reference, etc.


Copper Building Wire guides for commercial builders and individuals on the merits of copper wiring

ePanorama: Wiring a comprehensive guide to electrical wiring including instructions and more

FAQS: Electrical Wiring many frequently asked questions about electrical wiring

Guide to Home Wiring Hazards a brochure from the U.S. government on detecting problems with home wiring

Household Wiring a guide to the U.S. wiring code with diagrams

Installing an Electrical Outlet a simple set of instructions for wiring an electrical outlet

Old Home Wiring warning signs for damaged electrical wiring in a home or other building

On the Safety Circuit short pdf on preventing electrical fires caused by faulty wiring

Replacing Wall Switches and Receptacles a page worth consulting for guidance on replacing electrical switches and other such things

Toolbase Services: Wiring and Floods what to do with electrical wiring after a flood has affected it


How to do it, and others who package for you.

Job Shops


Carl's Electronics - Electronic Hobby Kits, Robotic Kits and Spy Gadgets



Buy From Slayton


Hands-On Transformer interactive java application that shows how electrical transformers work and what happens when they are adjusted

How Does a Transformer Work? California government site that explains how electrical transformers operate

Inside Transformers an explanation of electrical transformers with diagrams and details in building them

Lessons in Electric Circuits: Transformers all you ever wanted to know about electrical transformers

Role of Voltage Transformers explains why electrical transformers are key to AC power supply

Spare Transformers some explanation of a U.S. government program to have spare transformers in place in the event of an attack on the power grid

Stanley Transformer information on the first commercially successful electrical transformer

Transformer Formulas information on Transformers and the mathematical formulas key to their operation

Transformers and Long-Distance Power Transmission very brief guide to electrical transformers

Transformers in Power Distribution Networks a page on why electrical transformers are important

Generators and Motors

Benjamin Franklin's Electric Motor all about an electric motor that Benjamin Franklin designed

Build an Electric Motor how to build a simple electric motor

Electric Generator Model a computer-based model of an electrical generator

Electric Voodoo explains how linear motors in roller coasters work

Electrical Machinery a short history of electric motors and how they work

• Generator Safety all about safely connecting a portable generator to your home electrical system

Lazar's Generator Guide a guide to the several different kind of generators available

Science Encyclopedia: Electric Motors a basic guide to electric motors and how to differentiate between different motors

Standby Electrical Generators some information on standby generators for use in the event of a natural disaster

The Thomas Edison Papers details about one of the first electrical generators Thomas Edison created


Pencils, drills, inks, raw materials, and in general... 'not the components'.

Injection Molding

Delphi O.E.M. Co. Plastics and Elastomers Injection Molding and Moldmaking.


GCSE Physics Tutorials on Electricity
Basic circuit theory as part of an extensive Physics site.

Basic electronics tutorials on circuits and components, filters, oscillators and other applications.

Atomic Structure all about atomic structure, which is helpful in understanding electricity

Basics of Electricity and Magnetism University of Wisconsin teacher’s day workshop links on electricity and magnetism

Current and Ohm's Law gives the formula and some explanation for Ohm’s law

• Current vs. Electron Flow information and activities about current and electron flow in electricity

Electric Circuits Study Applets various study helps for learning about electric circuits

James Watt a biography of James Watt, for whom a unit of electrical measurement is named

Lesson Plan: Electricity this lesson plan for elementary school students includes many further resources on electricity

TechTopics: Electricity interactive tools for learning all about electricity

Understanding Electricity a page all about electricity from the Smithsonian

Virtual Library: Voltage explains the relationship between voltage, amperage, and resistance


Canadian Electronics is one of Canada's leading industrial magazines serving the Canadian electronics OEM and end-user marketplace. Since 1993 Canadian Electronics has been part of Action Communications, Inc. ACI is part of the CLB Media family of publications serving Canada's business-to-business marketplace.

For thirty years, Circuits Assembly is the premier, award-winning trade magazine exclusively serving the PCB and electronics assembly marketplace. It focuses on the entire assembly process and business, including surface-mount/mixed-technology, HDI/back-end semiconductor manufacturing, component placement, screen printing, soldering, rework, test/inspection, materials, process control, data management, advanced component packaging, emerging technologies and much more. Circuits Assembly and its companion e-mail newsletter, http://www.pcbupdate.com/, are free to qualified professionals.

eeProductCenter is a comprehensive online resource for new product announcements and reviews of the latest integrated circuits and electronics components. eeProductCenter will draw on the experience of EE Times (EET), Electronic Supply and Manufacturing (ESM) and Embedded Systems Programming (ESP) editors to break new product information first, helping to speed the engineer's product selection process.

Electronic Business is designed to meet the business information needs of the senior electronics manager with relevant, timely coverage of the most important matters facing the industry. The magazine mixes the executive level of Forbes, Fortune, and Business Week with specific focus on the electronics industry. For the past 25 years, Electronic Business has anticipated trends within the electronics industry and reported on the most significant... before they make headlines elsewhere. Its editorial content focuses on real-life issues and trends, providing useful knowledge that its readers can apply to benefit their own companies and organizations.

Electronics.ca Publications is the portal to essential market and technology information for the global Electronics Industry. It provides succinct, up-to-date and well-researched data delivering critical information on the semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, wireless technology and converging markets.

Electronic Design Online provides leading-edge technical information to electronics engineers and engineering managers around the world - individuals responsible for the design and development of electronic original equipment manufacturers' products and systems. Electronic Design keeps its readers abreast of rapid technological advances and their applications at the chip, board and systems levels. Articles are written "engineer-to-engineer", and are balanced to provide the right mix of technology, product and applications information. Includes "Embedded in Electronic Design" — a focused collection of technology developments, in-depth staff articles, and the latest new products and technology trends in embedded computing.

The Electronics Source Book: Ten regional directories, covering the U.S. and Canada, provide distributor information for over 8,000 worldwide manufacturers and are invaluable to OEM buyers and engineers who source electronic components, products and services. Target Audience - Engineers & purchasers of electronic components, products & services.

Electropages.com: is a web based press release platform that delivers real time new product news to the global electronics industry. Established in 1999, Electropages distributes new product news to established component buying engineers and designers all over the world. The Electropages service brings buyers and sellers together within a dedicated professional forum which delivers the right information to the right person at exactly the right time, generating powerful sales leads. Electropages is growing rapidly and currently has over 72,000 registered users who have individually requested the weekly "product update" newsletter which is regularly distributed to them by e-mail. (Registration is FREE)

ECN's suite of products satisfies the divergent information needs of the electronics market. We're a resource, educational tool, source guide - in short, a knowledge builder. We're also a phonebook. ECN's Electronic Industry Telephone Directory lists 30,000 companies in one national edition, ensuring EITD as the phonebook of choice for the E-OEM. And both ECN and EITD bring electronic solutions to global audiences with our sites on the World Wide Web.

EDN Access is the design information source for the electronics industry, EDN writes comprehensive, in-depth articles to help design and development engineers and engineering managers solve complex design problems. EDN editors are industry veterans who write from hands-on experience. EDN Access features two plus years of archived issues, the most extensive new product database anywhere, free shareware and Design Idea software and industry forums.

EEM/Electronic Engineer's Master is the world's largest catalog of electronic components, equipment and services. Published annually since 1958, EEM just celebrated its 45th Anniversary as a leader in providing electronic component specifiers and buyers with the most current and comprehensive product information available in the electronics industry today.

EE Product News is a designer's guide to products on the Web. Time-to-market pressures make information-gathering a time-consuming task for design engineers. EE Product News helps to ease that task by painstakingly reviewing vast quantities of new product information every month, and choosing only the most important items for publication. We provide the key facts and specifications on the components that will differentiate the designer's end product in the marketplace. In this way, EE Product News helps readers find the right components and subsystems for their latest prototype design.

For thirty years, EE Times has been the electronics industry newspaper of record. We break the stories that shape your business, describing the technical implications and trade-offs with thoughtful analysis and compelling opinion. For more than 158,000 design and development engineers and technical managers, EE Times is a "must read" each week.

Electronic Products, reports on important developments in products and product technology. Its editorial serves as a key information source for engineers and managers. Search one of the industry's most up-to-date databases of recently introduced electronic products.

Electrosource is Canada’s largest and most comprehensive product reference guide and industry source telephone directory for the electronics market. Electrosource is mailed to EP&T’s 100% request circulation of engineers and buyers right across Canada, ensuring excellent readership. The directory reaches over 24,000 readers. It is the most complete source of products and services available in the Canadian market. The Electrosource database is also placed on Electronic Products and Technology’s web site, ept.ca, to ensure readership over the web. This is a searchable database by products or services.

EP&T is Canada's leading and largest professional electronics magazine. Drawing on its global information sources, EP&T covers the latest in new products, applications, engineering, design and manufacturing techniques, leading-edge technologies and key technical and industry business trends. Published eight times a year, EP&T reaches more than 24,000 electronics designers, engineers, technologists, technicians, purchasers, researchers and technical managers.

Fiber Optic Technology is a monthly publication that effectively covers telecommunications and data communications, OEMs and the major communication service providers. Fiber Optic Technology not only offers coverage of new products, devices and technology, but provides design articles proposed to address the technology employed in all areas of fiber optics and areas that support fiber optic technology. Fiber Optic Technology is a Reed Business Information publication, in the Reed Electronics Group.

IC MASTER is the industry's leading source of IC info, offering product information,complete contact information, and Web site links.

NASA Tech Briefs is America's largest-circulation design engineering magazine, reporting NASA technology innovations FIRST to over 190,000 engineers and managers throughout OEM industries and government. Discover a wealth of new product ideas and engineering solutions in electronics, photonics, computing, sensors, software, materials, manufacturing, and much more.

The mission of Purchasing b2b is to keep the Canadian supply-chain-management professional informed and aware of the issues and developments shaping the profession as it confronts rapid technological change and plays an increasingly important role in building efficient, competitive organizations. Purchasing b2b covers technology developments, management issues, sector-by-sector trends, and legal issues, offering up-to-date news coverage, expert commentary and profiles of Canadian supply-chain professionals. Purchasing b2b is a publication of Rogers Media. The print version appears 10 times a year, dated Jan./Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July/Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec.

Purchasing — is the magazine for Chief Procurement Officers and Supply Chain Executives. Over a broad manufacturing subscriber base – 95,000 – strategic content provides these procurement/sourcing managers, the information and data necessary to manage the activities of a global supply chain. Via a best practices and proprietary data format, coverage includes semiconductor and I/P/E updates in every Electronics & Technology Edition. Key market segments include distribution, EMS and global strategies.

Sensors focuses on meeting the information needs of design and production engineers involved in the design, application, and implementation of sensor systems. Sensors provides up-to-date and in-depth technology information about sensors and related systems in three areas: Sensor Technology and Design; Putting Sensors to Work; and Intelligent Systems. The editorial focus connects sensor technology and intelligent systems with exciting developments in data acquisition, wired and wireless communications, control, test and measurement, and micro and nano technologies.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) magazine, the only audited surface mount technology resource delivered monthly to an international circulation of 41,000+. SMT reports and analyzes the latest developments and trends in materials, components, equipment and methods for surface mount assembly.

U.S. Tech is an industry source for headline and business news. Included are spotlight and feature articles in the areas of contract manufacturing, tech-op education, marketplace news, and hi-tech events.

Wireless Design & Development Wireless Design & Development is a monthly publication, which delivers timely, pertinent and cutting-edge articles, products, news and technologies in all sectors of wireless. WDD addresses all frequencies from DC though light as well as the integration between peripheral technologies and industries, where appropriate. WDD reaches 43,000 design engineers and engineering management. Wireless Design & Development is a Reed Business Information publication, in the Reed Electronic Group.


Timilen Company

PCB layout and design

Number One Systems

Island Logix

Csieda EDA Solutions

Capilano Computinge



PCB Design

WinqCAD by Microcad

Niche Software

PCB Development Tools

Advanced EDA Solutions

McCAD - Electronic Design Systems

Douglas Electronics Inc.

EdMille Research



CIRCUIT CREATOR- Schematic & PCB Design - Design Software

Merlin PCB Designer - Free Design Software for CorelDRAW

GerberTool by Wise Software

PADS Software Inc.

PADS Design Suite by Mentor Graphics

OrCAD Unison Design Suites

Protel - A completed board-level design system by Altium


Eagle Layout Editor by Cadsoft

Conversion Factors Inc.

EDA - Offering software packages for the UK

Mental Automation

FreePCBFreeware open-source printed circuit board layout editor for Windows.
PCBAn interactive printed circuit board editor for Unix/X11. It includes a rats nest feature, auto-router, trace optimizer, design rule checking, and can provide RS-274-X (Gerber), NC drill, and centroid data (X-Y data) output for use in the board fabrication and assembly process.
PCB ArtistA free schematic capture and PCB Layout program for Windows.

Circuit Design and Simulation Tools

OrCAD DemoFree OrCAD Demo program, which includes demo versions of: OrCAD Capture CIS, PSpice A/D, OrCAD Layout, and SPECCTRA for OrCAD. The limitations of this demo are in the size and complexity of the design. Solve ElecFreeware program for MAC and Windows to draw and analyze electrical circuits. TinyCADFreeware open-source program for drawing circuits running on Windows. It includes drawing libraries, a SPICE template engine and can export to PCB design programs. XCircuitOpen-source circuit-design program for Unix/X11.

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www.thereminworld.com Theramin (an early electronic musical instrument.)
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Musician's Tech Central - Craig Anderton, Audio Recording, Electronics, Music Gear
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Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research
Ray Tracing and 3D Links - electronics
Circuits Archive - UWEE
ECEN4517 PCB material
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Gibson MaGIC FAQ
Introduction To ExpressPCB - PC board layout software and low cost board manufacturing service.
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